Contribute to the Unofficial OVO API

Contribute to the Unofficial OVO API
ibnu gunawan prayogo

Ibnu Gunawan P

Thu, 02 2021, 11:45:00 pm

Table Of Content

Contributing to the development of OVO API v3 features in the Unofficial OVOID API Wrapper for Node.js repository. GitHub Link.


  • login2FA
  • login2FAVerify
  • loginSecurityCode
  • getBalance
  • getBudget
  • logout
  • unreadHistory
  • getWalletTransaction
  • generateTrxId
  • transferOvo


npm install ovoid or yarn add ovoid


const OVOID = require('ovoid');

let ovoid = new OVOID();


Step 1

let refId = await ovoid.login2FA('phone_number');


  otp_refId: 'a82eddf0-1eee-400b-b8aa-xxxxxx',
  device_id: '707503a4-9314-xxxx-a931-bf575c08b23b'

Step 2

let accessToken = await ovoid.login2FAVerify(refId.otp_refId, 'OTP', 'phone_number', refId.device_id);


      otp_ref_id: 'a82eddf0-1eee-400b-b8aa-1cce98fe10a8',
      type: 'LOGIN',
      expires_at: 1630598216,
      otp_token: 'eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJjb2RlaGFzaCI6IlptWmxZekJrTnpBeU5ESXpOR00zTjJGbU1Ea3daakF6TXpJMk1qTXdNV1UiLCJyYW5kb20iOiJNamt3TmpNM056STQiLCJ2ZXJzaW9uIjoxfQ.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx'

Step 3

let authToken = await ovoid.loginSecurityCode('PINOVO', accessToken.otp_ref_id, 'phone_number', refId.otp_refId, refId.device_id);

To access further resources

ovoid = new OVOID(authToken.refresh_token)

Get the number of unread notifications

Get the number of unread OVO account notifications.

let unread = await ovoid.getUnreadHistory();

Get notifications

Get OVO account notifications.

let notif = await ovoid.getAllNotification();

Get balance

Get your OVO balance, you can choose the wallet type:

  • cash: OVO Cash
  • point: OVO Point
let balanceCash = await ovoid.getBalance(type);

Transfer to another OVO user

Check if the recipient number is registered with OVO

let isOVO = await ovoid.isOVO(amount, 'recipient_number');

Transfer to the recipient number

let transferOvo = await ovoid.transferOvo('recipient_number', amount, 'note');

Transfer to a bank account

Check the bank code

let getRefBank = await ovoid.getRefBank();

Check transfer destination (transfer inquiry)

let transferInquiry = await ovoid.transferInquiry(account_number, amount, 'bank_code', 'bank_name', 'note');

Transfer to the recipient account

let transferBank = await ovoid.transferBank('recipient_name', 'ovo_account_number', 'recipient_account_number', amount, 'bank_code', 'bank_name', 'message', 'note');