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BNI Direct
ibnu gunawan prayogo

Ibnu Gunawan P

Thu, 29 2022, 12:00:00 am

Table Of Content

Role    : Frontend Developer
Status  : Done
url     :

During the collaborative project between Studio Alva and Bank BNI, I played a crucial role as a frontend developer in the development, including creating an engaging landing page, a feature-rich dashboard, and implementing API integrations and authentication systems. With a focus on meeting the project's requirements.

Key Contributions

  1. Engaging Landing Page: I was responsible for UI slicing and developing an attractive and informative landing page, striving to follow the existing design, ensuring that users have an impressive experience when they first visit the BNI Direct website.

  2. Dashboard: I also participated in the development of the BNI Direct dashboard, which includes robust data visualization and features that enable users to easily access, add, and remove important information.

  3. API Integrations: I integrated various necessary APIs to connect the different systems and services used by BNI Direct. This enhanced operational efficiency and enabled real-time data access.

  4. Authentication System: To maintain the security and privacy of BNI Direct users, my team and I implemented a robust authentication system to protect sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access.